About Us

For too long, the awards industry has side-lined ecommerce sites and apps in favour of more traditional, non-transactional digital experiences. But times have changed, and ecommerce now powers the web.

For those that work in this growing industry, you know what it takes to create and launch an exceptional ecommerce store; it transcends any particular skill-set and requires true collaborative thinking and making…

It’s time we recognise and celebrate the art of digital commerce.


Open to anyone who believes they have the best in class ecommerce store, in any category.

We’ve kept the process of submitting and voting relatively simple – as per some of the other awards sites. However, our voting criteria is different:

Design: how creative is it? Consider the impact of the design and the execution.
Usability: how easy is it to use and understand? Consider how intuitive the interface, navigation and features are.
Innovation: How innovative or unique is the experience and / or the business? Consider new ways of browsing, buying, engaging and new business models.
Ecommerce: how effective is the shopping user experience? how flexible and easy is to search, filter, learn and be inspired to buy? Consider listing, product detail pages and the all important checkout.

Initially we will be selecting a winning solution once per week, possibly increasing to daily based on the number of entries.

Anyone can vote for their favourite. In fact, over 60% of the points will come from the public so your vote really counts. The more you vote the more halo your vote has and therefore more influence.

A jury from across the ecommerce ecosystem will also judge the nominees and contribute to the final count.


An ‘Ecommerce Excellence’ winner will be announced weekly and will be featured on our home page for that week. Winners will eventually be able to download a certificate and purchase an ecommerce trophy from our shop (please be patient while we create these) as well as some other cool merchandise (coming soon).


If you’re interested in being part of our jury, please visit the Jury page and apply.