Here are some answers to common questions – if you need to know anything more, please contact us.

How can I join the Ecommerce Awards jury?

Send us a request via the contact form with the following info:

– Your name
– Country/city where you live/work
– Job title and Company you work for if applicable
– LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram profiles if you have them
– Link to your portfolio if your are a creative
– A short paragraph telling us why you should be selected to be part of our Ecommerce Awards jury.
– Your favourite ecommerce site/app

Check out our Jury page for more information.

Can I enter an app?

Absolutely. Any digital commerce solution can be entered.

What do the rating categories mean?

* Design: how creative is it? Consider the impact of the design and the execution.
* Usability: how easy is it to use and understand? Consider how intuitive the interface, navigation and features are.
* Innovation: How innovative or unique is the experience and / or the business? Consider new ways of browsing, buying, engaging and new business models.
* Ecommerce: how effective is the shopping user experience? how flexible and easy is to search, filter, learn and be inspired to buy? Consider listing, product detail pages and the all important checkout.

How do I enter my site or app?

To enter your ecommerce site or app, visit our Submit Your Entry page in the top right of our site.