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The Faherty family story and passion for quality craftsmanship is ingrained in their brand identity. Faherty’s clothing represents a way of life. Corra worked closely with the Faherty family to design an ecommerce site that conveyed their rich brand experience, through UX, Visual Design and unique Shopify Plus theme customizations.

Instead of presenting static design files, Corra worked swiftly using agile methodology to deliver a transactional minimum viable product in under three weeks. The initial MVP was fully functional, containing content, brand elements, and visual design. Our team then worked with Faherty to continue iterating and refining with complex customizations that were completed and launched in 3 months. (

Corra’s overall goal was to design a customer journey that felt like one big shoppable lookbook. Our mission was to tell a story around the styles and collections through lifestyle photography and videos that felt like the user was scrolling through a lookbook.

Launch Website


Designed by Corra